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Printing Insight

Any printed material has to either represent your brand or spread your message, so there are a few key factors to consider when deciding on the print specification.



We can print to any size and there are various fold options if you have a requirement for multiple pages, or separating specific pieces of information / images. 



The finish of any printed material can assist in representing your brand or business. We offer a range of finishes but the most common are@

  • Gloss: A bold and high quality finish with a distinct shine to make your product stand out. 
  • Silk: A smooth matt style finish which is non reflective with a slight sheen effect. 


Uncoated: As the name suggests, this paper has no coating and a more textured look.


Weight (GSM):

Paper weight / thickness is commonly measured in GSM. Normal printing paper is 80gsm, so we suggest a minimum of 115-130gsm for printed media. This can have a distinct impact on the impression that the product gives, so it is important to choose something reflective of your brand. 

We offer a variety of paper weights - 115gsm,130gsm,170gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, 450gsm

250gsm is significantly thicker, whilst anything over 300gsm has more of a card feel. 400gsm and above may be more suited to business cards, inside restaurant menus and booklet covers.



The most common type of colour printing is known as CMYK as it uses 4 primary colours. In addition to this we are able to offer 6 and 8 colour printing which results in a more vibrant and crisp final product. 


Digital vs Litho Printing: 

We offer both printing methods depending on which best suits your requirement and volume. Litho printing requires a plate to first be created which results in higher initial costs which then go down as volume increases, however digital printing uses toners to create images and is more suited to a smaller print run so can be used to keep the costs lower in this situation.